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RFID Protection

RFID Protection Set - Personal protection
  • Avoid digital theft of your money and personal information
  • Product of highest quality
  • Blocking unauthorized signals
  • Tested and safety approved
35.99 USD
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RFID protection

RFID credit card protection

Stop thieves stealing your money and your card information.

If you have one of the new contactless credit cards, you are at risk of being exposed to digital theft.
Even while waiting in the supermarket queue, sitting on the bus or the train.

Just through a phone and a piece of illegal software (which can be purchased for less than $ 300 on the net), thieves can raise up to $ 200 on your card and get all your credit card information.
It's done without you knowing it, and in just 2 seconds! This is done via the wireless RFID signals your card emits.

You are exposed to RFID theft everywhere
You are exposed as long as you have your credit card on you. Even if your credit card is in your bag in the bag. Criminals can go up to a radius of 20 meters, stealing up to 200 kr. From you.
Also your credit card information.

Think about how many places you're actually exposed:
In the train. In the bus. At the concert. In the queue in the supermarket. When shopping at the mall. When you sit and enjoy a breakfast in a cafe. Even when you keep in line with your car.

All places where you travel as long as your credit card is within 20 meters of the recipient.

It's easier for you - but unfortunately also easier for the thieves
Contactless Dankort and credit cards are becoming more and more and you can not choose it. It's easy just to flip the card over the terminal in the supermarket when you have to pay.
As more of them, they get contactless thanks cards, increase the spread and availability of illegal software to get your information.

How to protect yourself
The wireless RFID signals that your card emits can be blocked if you store your credit card in a case / holder like ours. Our RFID secured credit card holder holds small pieces of aluminum where the RFID signals can not be reached.

It is 100% safe, tested and secured by all leading agencies. (including the German Defense Ministry, as well as TüV approved) Our RFID credit cards are specially designed to block signals from unauthorized signals, receivers and software.

Prevent digital theft of your money and personal information with our RFID secured credit card holder.

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